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埃贡·席勒—过度 egon schiele – exzesse (1981)
导演: herbert vesely
编剧: 赫伯特·维斯利 / leo tichat
主演: 马修·加里瑞 / 简·伯金 / 克里斯汀·考夫曼 / kristina van eyck / karina fallenstein / ramona leiß
类型: 剧情
制片国家/地区: 西德 / 法国 / 奥地利
语言: 德语
上映日期: 1996-01-31
片长: 95 分钟 / argentina: 88 分钟
imdb链接: tt0082311

  herbert vesely was one of the promises for a new german cinema already in the 50’s, but after the 60’s his star was already dimmed. he made a small number of films in the 70’s and 80’s, all non too good. this biography of egon schiele, one of the most important austrian artists, is an example of the pretensions and emptiness of a vesely-film of later date.
  the life of schiele is presented here as a puzzle; well, vesely thinks that schiele’s life was a puzzle: the core of the story is centered around the famous 1912 pornography trial and using this as base the film shows fragments of past and future. the problem is that it never becomes a unity and that the order of scenes and sequences seems to be at random: a cut-and-paste job that could have had any other result. indeed, after seeing it twice i am almost convinced of it that a unsatisfactory linear thought-out film was changed into the puzzle in the editing room. egon schiele was an enigmatic man, but not a total puzzle, and this film does not bring him any closer.
  the films also fails in conveying the eroticism and meaning of the schiele’s paintings: the camera watches and glides over the models without any understanding of schiele’s intentions, we only see beautiful naked bodies. if interested in schiele, you better buy a book with his works in stead.  



the story of artist egon schiele, and his excesses of sex, drink and emotion, which tormented his soul and destroyed everything he loved. an examination of obsession and mental torture, with a haunting soundtrack provided by brian eno. jane birkin plays wally.

director:herbert vesely

stars:mathieu carriere, jane birkin, christine kaufmann, kristina van eyck, nina finkenstein, marcel ophuls, ramona leiss, danny mann, robert dietl

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